Unsecured Lines of Credit for Your Business

If you are building a small business, you know that you need to establish credit just like an individual would. The problem is, most of the methods used to calculate small business credit ratings are still not widely understood by the lay public, which can make knowing the right moves difficult. Luckily, when it comes to unsecured business lines of credit, you can count on the flexibility and reusability of the product to help you in those early stages of credit planning. The best part is that these products stay useful as your company grows because they also help streamline your expense accounting.

Allegiant Commercial Experts Credit Lines

When you take out a line of credit with us, you gain access to a powerful financing tool that can be used to help you meet any of your company’s expenses. Small businesses can typically count on accessing around $50,000 with an approved applications, and established companies with incomes over $1 million will usually find approval for $500,000 lines accessible. All of our products share a few core features:

  • Zero percent introductory financing periods
  • Rates at one to five percent over the published prime rate
  • 10 minute preapproval credit checks for just $45 when you apply

To get your application started, contact us today.