Purchase Order Financing for Improved Cash Flow

If you are looking to make sure your company can take on the orders you need to complete to woo new customers and improve relationships with existing ones, Allegiant Commercial Experts has the solution that is built to work for your business. Cash flow can get tight when large or unexpected orders come in, but with purchase order financing you can get access to the cash you are owed for your pre-sold merchandise, allowing you to better finance the job of making or acquiring the goods.

How Financing Your Purchase Orders Works

When you contact us about financing purchase orders, we task an associate with a review of the orders you submit with your application materials. That associate also looks at your customers’ credit, and between the two it is possible to calculate a number for your advance. Once it is disbursed and your receive payment, we subtract our service fee and the amount of the original advance, passing on your profits to you.

Benefits of Financing Purchase and Trade Orders

  • Take on large or unexpected orders without delay
  • Improve cash flow
  • Maximize your market share
  • Take on more orders to improve your overall volume of business
  • No loss of equity
  • No long term loan debt

For more information about purchase order financing, contact us today.