Access Up to $200,000 Quickly With a Merchant Cash Advance

If you need a quick cash injection that will allow your business to take advantage of short-term opportunities as they arise, you know you need financing that works with you. Most loans and cash advances use collateral and position themselves as long-term investments. That makes them useful for many things, but not for fast market-based turn-arounds.

Merchant Cash Advance Facts

When you take out an MCA, you are accessing a form of lending that was designed for exactly the short-term scenarios you are currently experiencing. Allegiant Commercial Experts associates will review the monthly volume of transactions your account averages. After a sum is calculated and disbursed, repayment is expressed as a percentage of those transactions. That means the payment flexes with you, and the faster your business picks up, the faster you pay off your advance.

MCA Benefits

  • Fast and flexible
  • Easy repayment structure
  • No loss of equity in the business
  • No application fees or closing costs

When you need short-term financing that was built to help companies that sell to the public take advantage of market factors, you need to talk to our associates. Call today for information or to start an application and find out about more products that can help your company grow.