Cloud Based Accounting: Lowering The Cost of Crunching Numbers Access Your Information Whenever, Wherever

Have you or your staff ever had to rush to the office to access important client or financial information? Older, in house accounting software has a limited amount of access points. This means that during critical junctures, it may be unavailable to you, your staff or your accountant.

With Cloud based accounting services, your information is accessed through a web browser or a mobile app, which gives you the option to connect whenever and wherever you need, giving you a wider scope of flexibility in deciding how and when you operate your business.

Cut Your Hardware Costs in Half

Typically, on site computers and servers must be upgraded once every three years. Cloud based accounting outsources the most demanding computing workload to top of the line remote servers, which allows you to extend the lifecycle of your technology by an additional three to five years, essentially doubling the lifespan of your important hardware.

Outsource Your IT Needs

Upfront costs and time wasters for maintaining the necessary technology in house also include investments in software licensing and upgrades, as well as the IT manpower needed to keep your information secure. For many businesses, assembling the appropriate level of security can be extremely cost prohibitive, channeling funds away from business operation and growth. Many of these costs can be eliminated completely by outsourcing your accounting needs to a cloud based accounting model with around the clock IT support built into its services.

Avoid Costly Data Breaches With Top of the Line Security

Maintaining the latest firewall and antivirus technology is time consuming and expensive. Doing so also requires you have regular access to an IT professional. For the most secure in house service, this will mean keeping a professional, or a team of professionals, as part of your full time staff.

For many businesses, this is just simply not a manageable option within the framework of their operating budget. This means they must instead invest in more infrequent services, bringing in IT professionals as needed on a weekly or monthly basis. Though even the costs for these services can add up substantially, the ending result is a decrease in overall security, leaving you vulnerable to hackers and information leaks.

With a cloud based accounting service, your information is stored in top of the line data centers whose physical location is protected by retina scanners, a full time security staff and fortified concrete walls reminiscent of a bank vault. Online security is sustained through cutting edge antivirus and firewall technology and a highly trained team of IT professionals who work behind the scenes to ensure the safety of your financial information.

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